I am a industry professional with over 12 years of experience in advertising and design. I focus on providing creative results and meaningful client connections.

The basic concept behind every project I take on is this: do GREAT work. I have a passion for complex problem solving and transforming ideas into beautiful, creative, well executed pieces of work. In developing projects that stand apart from the competition I connect to audiences in very human ways.

I strive for innovative ideas that are on trend and I am constantly evolving and refining my skills by incorporating new technologies and techniques. I specialize in brand strategy, print design and web design for small businesses, charities and design agencies.

Get to Know Nico!
I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Throughout my career, I have worked internally for companies, as a Freelancer and as an Art Director at a design firm.
My personal hobbies include comic book collecting, jogging, drinking massive amounts of coffee, Netflix binging, Yoga, POP! hoarding, being disappointed by Cleveland sports & traveling this little blue planet of ours.


Need ideas? Have one and don't know your next step? Let's chat! Send me a message. I'd love to hear from you!